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The Problem with
Non-Attorney Incorporation Services
(and why we offer superior services)

Maybe you've seen an advertisement from a non-lawyer company that offers an incorporation for some price that seems unbelievable, or even a state advertising to incorporate there because of low fees.  Well, something that seems to good to be true, probably is a trick.  Here's what they don't tell you, because they're not governed by rules of professional ethics, like attorneys.

They don't tell you that, even if you incorporate in a remote state, if your office is in your home state, then you must "qualify" in your home state, and you may need to forever maintain a registered address in the state of incorporation.  This can end up costing you far more. 

They don't tell you that the price they are charging may be less than the filing fees, which means that they are going to tack those fees onto the price later. 

The don't tell you that you may need a buy-sell agreement or internal structuring to minimize the effect of disputes.  The don't tell you about trademark implications.

They don't tell you that you may need to get a Certificate of Good Standing each year to keep any guarantee they are offering you, which you're not going to do, and the guarantee is therefore effectively worthless to you.

But, we tell you about all these types of issues, and much more.

The price we are charging is for a licensed law firm, with more than 25 years of experience working with entrepreneurs, and is at a fee as competitive as non-lawyer services.

Simply start by contacting us now by email for fastest services by auto-routing, excellence@zegarelli.com, or complete the online Inquiry Form

The $495 Limited Liability Company

Go ahead, compare.  We expect that you're not going to find it less expensive from a quality law firm. 

When we opened our office 25 years ago, we were the first to advertise "computer law" in the Yellow Pages (remember them?) in our jurisdiction.  We even had to search to find a bank aggressive enough to allow our startup law firm to take credit cards (because it was unheard of in those days).  In those days, our fee to form an entity back was almost double this $495 rate (and, even then, that rate was about one-half of competitive larger law firms for the similar services)! 

So, how are we—an established law firm—doing this at about 1/4 of the cost of other law firms?  Efficiency.  We have implemented best practices proprietary technologies and processes, so that we can now perform services profitably at this rate, and pass the savings on to you!  We have always been cutting edge.

The catch, if you want to call it one: you need to have a valid email address and to permit all-digital documents.  Why?  Because, as you might expect, we cannot perform best practices using digital files if you do not have email for sending documents and communicating.  Such as it was in the old days, if we have to draft a physical letter, print it, get an envelope, print it, walk to the printer, walk back, fold and stuff envelopes, put on postage, put a copy in a file, put the file in the room, etc., etc., we just cannot perform at the necessary level of efficiency.  Clicking on a digital document is just faster and smarter.  So, if you have email, you're set to go with us, and we'll save you a lot of money.  (Yes, we still have some clients who want paper, and it is, respectfully, brutal all the way around.  We'll will do it for you, too, if you want, but not at this rate.  Paper is slow, inefficient and expensive.) 

Digital is the way to go, and we pass the savings to you.  Of course, all of our 25 years of traditional law firm services are still available; for example, if you want to visit us for a traditional physical meeting at our physical offices.  Whether it triggers a different rate, is something we can discuss by email or telephone depending upon the opportunity.  This is an all-digital opportunity and helps you implement immediately with quality services, and the backing of an established law firm. 

  • Includes filing fee

  • Includes carrier and other costs

  • Includes digital organizational document preparation and filing

  • Includes Federal Identification Number (EIN/TIN)

  • Includes Federal S election, if desired

  • Includes same or next business day formation in usual cases

  • Includes form Operating Agreement, election resolutions

  • Includes case management, docketing of annual meetings

  • No physical meeting required

  • Backed by an established licensed law firm, and the Rules of Professional Responsibility

Remember, this is the very same service we have been doing successfully with clients for 25 years, updated for digital form and email communication.  This fee is for a single owner Pennsylvania limited liability company (and many other jurisdictions).  Contact us regarding our better than competitive pricing for other entity types and jurisdictions, in addition to LLCs.  We have been doing company formations for startups and multi-million dollar transactions for clients for 25 years, and we know what we're doing.

What's not included?  This is a standard package for a single owner for-profit LLC and is not intended to apply to any custom or structured deals, including if tailored within mergers, special protected names (banking, engineering), etc.  The reason is because we are duly licensed to provide legal services, and we cannot take responsibility for tailoring a deal at this price.  Extra fees would include, with your prior approval, if you have more than one owner, because the Operating Agreement must be amended to the extent of buy-sell member negotiations; trademark work or other business matters, such as contracts, etc.; tax filings, other than specifically identified above.  And, as you might expect, the fee does not include physical meetings (which are really unnecessary these days for this purpose).  This is only offered to clients for whom our law firm may properly perform services pursuant to our license to practice law.  Prepay required by credit card.

Start simply by contacting us now by email for fastest services by auto-routing, excellence@zegarelli.com, or complete the online Inquiry Form.  The most usual next step is that someone will call you or email you to coordinate.  No obligation.  As a law firm, pursuant to the Rules of Professional Responsibility, engagements are in writing pursuant to the firm's standard online engagement terms and conditions, and you must consent in writing so there are no misunderstandings!  That is why we have been in business performing quality legal services satisfying clients and exceeding expectations, for 25 years!

Get started now, with a firm you can trust, with more than 25 years working with entrepreneurs.


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