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Please allow me personally to introduce our firm.  First and foremost: We are client-focused.  We have a lot to offer you, and we have what it takes to represent some of the finest entrepreneurs.  Our mission is straight-forward:

Quality. We create a result of excellence.  We focus on you, no cookie-cutter advice.
Responsiveness. We are responsive to your needs.  You get direct-dial and do not get filtered.
Personability. To be approachable and polite.  You are not "passed around" to new associates.
Value. To be sensitive to your budget.  We implement proprietary technologies for "no-cost" value.

For more than 25 years, we have represented clients in virtually all aspects of entrepreneurship, including growing businesses, raising capital, real estate, copyrights, trademarks, patents and trade secrets, labor, entertainment and media, restaurants and liquor licenses, franchising, international, wealth transfers, succession planning, contracts and ventures. We regularly protect our clients rights in federal and state litigation, as well as alternative dispute resolution.  We also assist clients with general business issues, such acquiring identification numbers, bar codes, ISBNs, and other business implementation items for production purposes.  I have personally helped clients take products "from scratch" to multi-million dollar acquisitions.  Our goal is always to add value.

Our law firm's client list includes start-ups, fast-growing INC. 500 companies and public companies.  We have been selected as "special counsel" for other law firms, and we are even general corporate counsel for other law firms—that is, even other lawyers choose our firm.  We believe in the American Dream and all the success you deserve.

We work for you, as a member of your team, to achieve your goals.  We work hard, we know what we are doing, and we cost-justify everything we do.  This is my personal commitment to you Contact us today.
  Gregg Zegarelli, Esq., Nationally Rated "Superb"











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